Bolsa de Estudo: "ZISAMP 2018" para o Zivkovic Summer Academy na Alemanha

Bolsa de Estudo: “ZISAMP 2018” para o Zivkovic Summer Academy na Alemanha

Detalhes abaixo, relativos à Bolsa de Estudo: “ZISAMP 2018” para o Zivkovic Summer Academy na Alemanha:

  • WIN YAMAHA’s  “ZISAMP 2018” STIPENDIUM! and be at Zivkovic summer academy in Germany for free!

You can join Zivkovic’s Summer Academy (July 29- August 5,  2018)  for Free if you WIN a YAMAHA EUROPE stipendium!
Here is what you have to do, in order to win a stipendium:

  • 1. video record yourself playing two pieces of Zivkovic for solo marimba OR one for marimba and one for solo percussion
    (NO CUTS, NO EDITING!! MUST BE LIVE RECORDING with one camera, we need to see you playing from the FRONT)
  • 2. upload it on a youtube
  • 3. write a leter of application (E-MAIL)  with LINKS to your recordings, include your biography as attached file to
  • 4.  you may select any piece from the list below: ONE piece of group A and ONE PIECE from group B.

GROUP A: TENSIO / MAGMA / FLUCTUS / Drei phantastische Lieder, or Multipercussion piece CTPAX-STRAH
GROUP B: Ilijas, Homo Balcanicus, Prokleti Koreni, Ultimatum 1, Drei unverbindliche Stücke, OR Multipercussion piece “Generally spoken…”
you may NOT play TWO multipercussion pieces but you may select two marimba pieces (one of each gropup) OR one marimba and one Multipercusion piece.
PRIZE:  total value Euro 1000.-
* you will get FULL stipendium for Academy fee, accomodation & meals for all 7 days at Zivkovic ACADEMY in GERMANY. (value ca. 650€)
* you will get your train or plane ticket fully reimbursed (up to MAXIMUM 350€ value)