Crowell Cello/Percussion Consortium

Crowell Cello/Percussion Consortium

Mensagem do percussionista Michael Compitello:

Dear Percussion Friends and Colleagues,
I hope you are all doing well.
My cello percussion duo New Morse Code is organizing a consortium to commission a 15-minute work for cello, percussion and pre-recorded cello/percussion from Brooklyn-based composer David Crowell, and wanted to ask your partnership.
David is a stupendous composer multi-instrumentalist and producer, whose music pulses with exuberant energy and shifting harmonic and rhythmic layers. His band Empyrean Atlas quite frankly rocks.
The new piece will be a 15 minute work for cello, percussion, and electronics. The goal is a piece performable by the core cello/percussion duo with multiple tracks of cello/percussion, or by a larger group without the layered electronics.
David says:

For this new piece, I’m envisioning rich textural layers of multiple cello and percussion parts, accentuated by electronics originating from my collection of analogue synthesizers. Not unlike the first half of my piece Celestial Sphere (as well as the entirety of Kaleidoscope), similar parts performed at different tempos will create a meditative and mysterious atmosphere. Distinguishing it from those earlier works, though, is a focus on harmonic motion. As each new chord gradually arises from the previous, a structure for the latter half of the piece is created. There, the cyclic and polyrhythmic ideas found in much of my music for Empyrean Atlas will be transformed and developed for the particular instrumentation of this ensemble.

More information, including some samples of David’s music, fees, and schedule are available here:
We’re looking for $250 from individuals and $200 from full-time students for this project. David will write the piece this fall for a premiere in fall 2018.
If you’re interested, please let me know through email or the form on NMC’s website.  If you know anyone who might be interested, please forward at will.  Hannah and I would love to get people we don’t know involved in this project!

Thanks, and talk to you soon,