Focus: 24 Images for Vibraphone, Bart Quartier

Focus: 24 Images for Vibraphone, Bart Quartier

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24 Images for Vibraphone


Norsk Musikforlag, Norway


24 pieces, 24 tonalities, 24 different styles, more then 150 items

20 years research, 4 years writing

the long-expected answer to IMAGE 20 Children’s Songs for Marimba


IMAGE 20 Children’s Songs for Marimba, a research made in the late ‘80’s intended to be an answer to the need of easy marimba repertoire. As every research evokes a new question: these days we still might need some vibraphone repertoire of intermediate level, now assembled in Focus 24 Images for Vibraphone. In this way, the purpose of Focus is to strengthen the bridge between the easy and difficult vibraphone repertoire.

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Available at: Norsk Musikforlag, Norway